Getting Re-Started

I've been working on being a photographer for years. I love photography. I love making people feel special through photography. But being a "real" photographer is HARD. It's hard to put myself out there to find clients. And when clients don't come, it's difficult to feel that sense of failure that comes from not succeeding. 

I've been so fortunate recently to work with an incredibly talented wedding photographer. I get to travel to wonderful wedding venues, carry her equipment around, and watch her work. In our downtime - which isn't much during weddings and receptions - I bombard her with questions about her business. I listen when she talks shop with wedding planners and other photographer friends. What I've learned, more than anything else, is to find my focus. Everything I put out to the world should point to that focus.

So as I officially relaunch my photography business, here is my focus:

My name is Katie Ford and I am a portrait photographer. I love making people feel special in their photographs. I want to capture THIS moment in your life, because you will never get this moment back. I will make you look and feel amazing. I will give you a product that you will cherish. 

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